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Following the Trasec of Dr. CookChronicle RouteDmitry Shparo narratesResults new!
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In May 2006 Oleg Banar, Viktor Afanasjev, famous mountaineers, and Valery Bagov, a cameraman, will continue their research at the Mt. McKinley (6194 m, Alaska), which they started in September 2005.

The aim of the expedition to repeat the route of the ascent to the summit of McKinley, carried out by Doctor Fredrick Cook from the south, from the Ruth Glacier and thus confirming the priority of his pioneer ascent.

The history knows many examples when a good name returns to a person only after his death. Frederick Cook, an American doctor, suffered the same fate.

In 1891-1892 Dr. Cook as a doctor participated in the famous North-Greenland Expedition of Robert Peary. In five years Dr. Cook set off to the Antarctica on the Belgica ship. Roald Amundsen, who was at that time a navigator on Belgica, described the peripetia of this expedition in his autobiographical book "My life". He told how under arduous conditions of the forced wintering of the ship in the South Ocean Dr. Frederick Cook (to whom he referred as his teacher) had sensu stricto saved the lives of the participants of the expedition.

The fortune had tested the polar explorer more then once during his life. But evidently the events of 1909 became the heaviest burden for him. It was when Dr. Cook announced to the world about his discovery of the North Pole almost at the same time with Robert Peary, a famous polar explorer. Dr. Cook stated that his record was achieved a year earlier than Peary's: he reached the North Pole with the two Eskimos in 1908.

Peary and his numerous supporters launched a powerful defamation company against his rival, who wined the "prize of a century". The rich Arctic Club of Robert Peary, which for 15 years was helping its idol to reach the point, where all meridians meet, became the machine, which was gradually annihilating Dr. Cook. A lone person, romanticist, and a doctor from the province appeared to be powerless in front of the "imperious circles". He was accused of the fraud concerning his announcement about the discovery of the North Pole and exposed to the universal ridicule.

But this did not seem enough for the prosecutors of Dr. Cook. His was also robbed of his other title - the first conqueror of the highest summit of the North America Mt. McKinley.

In the middle of the last century the truth had triumphed thanks to the scientific discoveries in the Arctic Ocean, and the main trophy the North Pole was returned to Dr. Cook. He had been also rehabilitated from the other unjust accusations of Peary's adherents. But it still was necessary to prove his victory on Mt. McKinley.

On March 11, 1979 Hans Waale, American geodesist, published in the Anchorage newspaper the results of his ten-year research under the title "The mysterious route of Dr. Cook". He combined the notes in the diary of Dr. Cook and his book "To the top of the Continent" with the best modern topographical maps and the aerial photography. The coincidences allowed to reconstruct the route of the pioneer explorer, which was (according to the author) "an incomprehensible enigma for more then 70 years". Just this reconstructed route has been investigated by the members of the team of the Vokrug Sveta magazine and the Moscow Adventure Club.

Following the Trasec of Dr. CookChronicle RouteDmitry Shparo narratesResults new!
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