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Explorers Titti and Mikael Strandberg

Why did we choose the Kolyma River?

The main objective of the expedition from the sources of the Kolyma River to its mouth is to make a documentary record of this part of our world, unknown to the Europe, basing on personal impressions. This is a vital task, since in the course of our extensive research work we have realised that very few people in Sweden have a comprehensive picture of the area along the legendary Russian Kolyma River.

Such obstacles as low temperatures, large distances between populated settlements, the size and the isolation impede exploration of this area. For citizens of the central Europe this area seems untouched, remote and unknown. We also believe that it is in this untouched area that the answers to many of the questions asked by modern men are to be found:

  • What is the purpose of our life?
  • How do we find calm, harmony and satisfaction in our lives?
  • What are the objectives of the modern civilisation?

We think that making such a record is a task that is not only vital, but also timely and urgent. It concerns both the harmony and insight available to future generations as well as knowledge not only about this unique area of tundra and taiga that is as yet untouched but also the equally unique people who live there. We shall do everything in our power to make a realistic record of how we and the people we meet experience the daily life and dreams of this rigorous area, but we will primarily focus on what is positive.

We want our work not only to be educational, but also to inspire hope, motivation, energy and enormous joie de vivre! It goes without saying that there will be a large helping of excitement and adventure as well

We also feel it is important that during the course of our journey we should record how the original inhabitants of Siberia live, think and view the world around them and the future. How do they survive the extreme cold? There is much knowledge to be gleaned from them.

Another aim of this expedition is to build a bridge between our cultures, widen the western worlds knowledge about the Russian and Siberian way, We want to find the Russian and Siberian temperament. We believe this can provide a perspective on the way of life in the future.

Explorers Titti and Mikael Strandberg
Johan Ivarsson

The Expedition Siberia '2004NewsRouteParticipantsSupport
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