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Second circumnavigation of the yacht Apostol Andrey

First circumnavigation of
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Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus
Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus
Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus






































































































Organization of expeditions and varrious adventurous projects

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Feasible Commitments of the Adventure Club
and the examples of work with different Companies.

1. Possibility to use the name of the expedition and the name of Dmitry Shparo for its own advertising purposes.

An example: Sony Company. In 1998 Sony acted as a Sponsor of the expedition across the Bering Strait and used this fact for its advertising purposes on the basis of our consent.

2. Placement of the information about Sponsors in mass media with indication of the name of the Company.

An example: The expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro by a team of disabled sportsmen in 1997. The newspaper "Kommersant-Daily" published 13 publications about this expedition with indication of the sponsors. The other example the youth ecological expedition to Mt. Elbrus in 1998. The Moscow Times newspaper was one of the information sponsors, in its 7 publications there were entitled all sponsors of the expedition.

3. Use of the Company's logo, stripes on clothes and equipment of participants of the expedition. Emblems can be very well observed at a picture area during demonstration by the Central TV, as well as at the photographs, in newspapers and magazines.

4. Producing a documentary film about an expedition with reference to a Company's name. During all expeditions of the Adventure Club shootings are made by a professional camera BETACAM SP. On the basis of the obtained material we make a film, which can be passed on to a Company.

5. Presenting professional photo- and video-materials of the expedition to a Company and a permission to use them by a Company for its own advertising purposes.

6. To mention a role of a Company at press conferences dedicated to the expedition. To distribute materials about a Sponsor Company at press conferences.

7. Possibility of participation of Dmitry Shparo, an internationally respected explorer, in PR programs and exhibitions.

An example: Dmitry Shparo took part in the presentations and exhibitions, being invited by the following companies: McDonald's, Hewlett Packard, Nycomed Russia, Kodak and etc.

8. Publication of articles in specialized magazines in accordance with the direction of activities of a Company.

An example: the article in the "Via INMARSAT" magazine about the expedition across the Bering Strait, the sponsor of which was the Norwegian Company NERA SATCOM.

9. Organization of special actions and events in accordance with a request of a Company.

An example: During summer 2000 the Adventure Club, jointly with the company Kodak A.O., organized the Youth Ecological expedition "A great adventure with Kodak". This event, with participation of one hundred children from fifteen Russian schools, was dedicated to the 100 anniversary of Kodak in Russia. e would be glad to discuss the topics, which are of interest to you.

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