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Great Adventure


Youth Expedition to the North Pole

A ski tour to the North Pole

The Museum of the Yacht Apostol Andrey



To the North Pole during polar night


Polar Passage `2000

Third circumnavigation of
the yacht Apostol Andrey

Dr. Hanpels Expedition

Korean team in the Bering Strait

Following in Dr. Cooks tracks

Expedition of Prince Albert II to the North Pole

25 years together with the North Pole

Great Russian Race

Second circumnavigation of the yacht Apostol Andrey

First circumnavigation of
the yacht Apostol Andrey

Siberia Expedition

Ascent of Mt. McKinley

Eduard Tolls Treasure

Dezhnev, Pronchishchev, Lassenius

Bering Strait

Mystery of Lassenius

Pronchishchevs Land

Challenging Greenland

Truck Global Expedition

Expedition of Gilles Elkaim

Dmitry Shparo


Matvey Shparo




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Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus
Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus
Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus






































































































Organization of expeditions and varrious adventurous projects

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Sport activities

  • 1989 the Soviet American Expedition on dog sleds along Chukotka, Russia and Alaska, USA;
  • 1989-97 ski expeditions along drifting ice;
  • 1991 parachute jumps to the North Pole (jointly with the Russian Air Forces);
  • 1991-93 annual running races to Mount of Elbrus;
  • 1993 a marathon across the Sahara desert;
  • 1998 the ski crossing of the Bering Strait;
  • 2000 the super marathon in the Death Valley, California, USA;
  • 2000-01 round the world truck expedition Moscow Uelen Seattle Toronto New York London Kaliningrad Moscow;
  • 2005 The Great Russian Race;
  • 2006 The expedition of Prince Albert II of Monaco to the North Pole.
  • 2008 –To the North Pole in the darkness of the Polar Night.

Marine projects

  • 1992 the first sailing of a foreign yacht from the White Sea to the Black Sea via the internal water routes of Russia;
  • 1996-99 a round the world sailing of the Adventure Club's yacht around the Eastern Hemisphere over the four oceans, including the Northeast passage;
  • 2001-02 the second circumnavigation of the yacht "Apostol Andrey";
  • 2004-06 the third circumnavigation of the yacht "Apostol Andrey".

Projects for people with disabilities

  • 1991, 1992, 1994 a marathon in wheel chairs: Moscow Kiev Krivoy Rog (1400 km); Vladivostok St. Petersburg (11000 km, jointly with the Ministry of Defense); St. Petersburg Alma-Ata along 15 countries of FIS and Baltic countries (9000 km);
  • 1995 an ascent of the Mt. Kazbek (5047 m) by disabled sportsmen in wheel chairs;
  • 1996 the ecological marathon in wheel chairs Semipalatinsk Cheliabinsk Chernobyl, 10000 km (jointly with the Ministry of Emergency situations);
  • 1997 an ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 5895 m, made by a team of disabled sportsmen;
  • 2000 a ski expedition across Greenland by a team, including one participant with spinal cord injury;
  • 2002 an ascent of the Mt. McKinley (6194 m, Alaska, USA) by disabled sportsmen in wheel chairs.

Projectsfor youth

  • 1990 a scientific expedition to Chukotka (observation of a total solar eclipse);
  • 1992 kayak expeditions along the rivers of the USA and Canada;
  • 1997 a scientific expedition to Chita region (observation of a total solar eclipse);
  • 1998 a youth ecological expedition to Mt. Elbrus;
  • 1999 a youth ecological expedition to Kamchatka;
  • 2000-11 the youth ecological camp in the Republic of Karelia.

Historical geographical projects

  • 1990 the Russian-Norwegian expedition to Franz-Josef Land; discovery of the wintering heim of Fridtjof Nansen;
  • 1991 the Russian-Danish expedition to the Commander Islands (Kamchatka). Discovery of the grave of Vitus Bering, a world famous navigator;
  • 1995 International expedition (Danish, English and Russian participants) to Franz Josef Land. Discovery of the grave of Georgy Sedov, a famous Russian polar explorer;
  • 1999 a historical archaeological expedition to the burial place of Vasily and Tatiana Pronchishchev, famous Russian explorers, at the mouth of the Olenek river, North Yakutia (jointly with the newspaper "Moskovskaia Pravda");
  • 2001 a historical-archaeological expedition "The mystery of the Lassenius detachment";
  • 2002 a historical-archaeological expedition "Deznev, Lassenius, Pronchishchev";
  • 2006 the expedition "Following the Trasec of Dr. Frederick Cook".
  • 2010 – a historical-archaeological expedition "Arctic-2101".

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