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Eduard Vasiljevich Toll.

Baron Euduard von Toll, a Russian polar researcher and geologist, participated in the expedition of Dr. Alexander Bunge (1885-1886), organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences with the purpose to explore the Novosibirsky Islands. The results of the expedition were appreciated by the Academy as "a true geographical deed".

In 1892-1894 he carried out the geological surveys in the basins of the following Rivers: Yana, Indigirka, and Kolyma. During one year and two days he expedition passed 25000 km and 4200 km out of them with a geodetic survey en route. The Academy of Sciences awarded Eduard V. Toll with a Large Silver Medal of N.M.Prozhevalsky.

The following statement of the Russian famous Academician V.A.Obruchev is well-known: "In all our guides on physical geography you can encounter the name of Eduard V. Toll as the founder of the doctrine of fossilized ice formation the doctrine, which became a classic one".

In 1900-1902 Eduard V. Toll led the expedition on the ship "Zarya" in the area of the Novosibirsky Islands, his main objective was to discover the so-called Zemlya Sannikova. Due to severe ice conditions the expedition was forced to spend two winters in the region of the Archipelago. Eduard Toll with three expedition members by sledge and kayak traveled to the Bennet Island. "Zarya" attempted to reach The Bennett Island to evacuate Toll's party but was unable to do this because of severe ice conditions. Toll made a decision to go to the south to the continent but no further traces of the four men have ever been found.

Two serach parties were dispatched in the spring 1903, one of them searched the shores of the Novosibirsjy Islands and the other, led by A.V.Kolchak, travelled by whaleboat to the Bennet Island. They did not find the lost explorers but they found their diaries and notes.

The name of Eduard V. Toll remained on the geographical maps Fridtjof Nansen named in honour of Toll the Bay at the north-west coast of the Taymyr peninsular. There also exists the Tollievaya River. The following geographical objects are named after Eduard Toll: the North Cape at the Stolbovoy Island, the Strait at the Kotelny Island, the Central Ice Cape at the Bennett Island.

In the paleontology, zoology and botanic many specimens of fauna and flora are named after Eduard Toll.

The ExpeditionEduard von TollTeamScientific program • Results •
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