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Youth Expedition to the North Pole

A ski tour to the North Pole

The Museum of the Yacht Apostol Andrey



To the North Pole during polar night


Polar Passage `2000

Third circumnavigation of
the yacht Apostol Andrey

Dr. Hanpels Expedition

Korean team in the Bering Strait

Following in Dr. Cooks tracks

Expedition of Prince Albert II to the North Pole

25 years together with the North Pole

Great Russian Race

Second circumnavigation of the yacht Apostol Andrey

First circumnavigation of
the yacht Apostol Andrey

Siberia Expedition

Ascent of Mt. McKinley

Eduard Tolls Treasure

Dezhnev, Pronchishchev, Lassenius

Bering Strait

Mystery of Lassenius

Pronchishchevs Land

Challenging Greenland

Truck Global Expedition

Expedition of Gilles Elkaim

Dmitry Shparo


Matvey Shparo




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Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus
Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus
Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus






































































































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Questions and answers.

1. The cost of a stay of one teenager at your Camp amounts to 400 USD (the "Pioneer" Level). Why is it so expensive?

  • This sum includes all expenditure for transportation, food, renting of high-class equipment (mountain bikes, catamarans, tents and etc.), cultural program. In order to achieve high efficiency of the Camp's activities we need to have a staff, including: instructors, administration, drivers, a cook, psychologist, and physician. They all will receive a salary.

2. Where is the Camp situated? Are there ticks in this region?

  • The Camp is situated at the shore of the Mergubskoye Lake, Muezersky region, Republic of Karelia. The Lake belongs to the basin of the famous Chirka-Kem River. There are more than 50 variants of water tours in this area. This region is also very convenient for bicycling tours, as there are many forest roads. The Muezersky region is situated far at the north that's why there are no ticks here.

3. How fit do I need to be to participate in the activities of the Camp?

  • Nothing special. You should be just a healthy person (You need to resent a medical certificate of your state of health). You must know how to swim and how to bike. One more requirement you should not smoke. In order to participate in the "Explorer" and "Master of Travelling" Levels, you need previously to pass the "Pioneer" Level.

4. What weather conditions can I expect during my stay at your Camp?

  • The most warm season: July - the middle of August. The temperature is 22C. At the end of June and at the end of August there is a possibility of steady rains and the temperature can drop to +10C. The warmest time is the most mosquito's time as well. But you should not be afraid. Just these difficulties will allow you to train your character and to study how to take decisions independently, to work jointly in a team.

5. How will you ensure the safety of the participants?

  • Safety is the top priority of our program. All instructors and staff members have rich experience of work with teenagers, and besides all our instructors have special certificates, permitting them to lead tourist groups along various routes. Usually each our group includes 10 teenagers and 2 guides, what provides additional guarantee of safety (during a water tour an adult accompanies each catamaran group, in a bicycle tour a leader and the last person in the column are also adults). At the first days all participants take a course of safety measures for water and bicycle tours. The leaders of the tours closely watch for rigorous observance of the safety measures. For example nobody would be allowed to sit in a catamaran without a helmet and a life jacket.

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