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Dr. Hanpels Expedition

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Following in Dr. Cooks tracks

Expedition of Prince Albert II to the North Pole

25 years together with the North Pole

Great Russian Race

Second circumnavigation of the yacht Apostol Andrey

First circumnavigation of
the yacht Apostol Andrey

Siberia Expedition

Ascent of Mt. McKinley

Eduard Tolls Treasure

Dezhnev, Pronchishchev, Lassenius

Bering Strait

Mystery of Lassenius

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Arctic and Antarctic expeditionary centre Polus
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Levels and Sessions at the Camp "Great Adventure"

The Camp will be opened from June 1 to August 31. A flexible schedule of the start of each session allows to choose the optimal dates of your rest.

Each team, arriving in the Camp, is composed out of male and female teenagers aged 14-17. A teacher, physiologist, doctor, professional instructors in water tourism and hiking, will work with each group.

During the first several days of their stay at the Camp all participants must take special training courses. The participants of the "Great Adventure" will learn how to make a fire, to cook meals, to put tents, to provide the first-medical aid, to sail on kayaks and catamarans, to travel on mountain bicycles, as well and many other things, which would be useful during forthcoming tours.

After finishing training sessions teenagers set out on a water tour on catamarans, or on a bicycle tour. At the end of the program the participants took part in a sightseeing excursion to the Kizhy Island.

In 2004 the program of the "Great Adventure" would be divided into three Levels of complexity. This will give you an opportunity to come to our Camp every year without losing interest in our programs.


  • The entry Level, accessible for all newcomers. You do not need to have any special knowledge and skills. The duration of this Level is 14 days, which include 3 days of studying at the base camp, a 7-day trip, a culture program in the town of Petrazavodsk, an excursion on a "Raketa" (a hydrofoil boat) along the Onezhskoye Lake and a visit to the Kizhy Island. The groups of the "Pioneer" Level arrive to the Camp every day.


  • This is an average stage, accessible after completing the initial Level. If you visited our Camp in 2003 you can take part in this Level. But this time a tour will last 14 days and you will be able to travel in the most remote wilderness areas of Karelia. For example: you would be able to run rapids down the two difficult Rivers of Karelia: Chirka-Kem and Okhta or visit the national park Paanoyarvy. The duration of this Level is 21 day.

The Master of Travelling

  • If you have successfully passed the Level "Explorer" and you want to reach perfection as an traveler, this is the Level for you. You will set on an expedition to the north of the Kola peninsular, where mountain rivers are waiting for you. This Level will last 21 days. The whole program takes 28 days.

After passing the Level "Master of Travelling" you will be given an opportunity to listen to the Theoretical Course of Lectures and to pass an exam for getting a status of instructor. Now you can work together with us!

Courses "Adventure Laboratory"

  • This program is offered from September to April. No experience required. Available for all comers, including teenagers and young people with hearing and visual impairments, mild cases of the cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. The participants take part in a four day ski trip with dog sleds (when there is no snow they walk on foot). Participants will need to take care of their canine companions. They will study how to mush a dog sled like legendary pioneer explorers. Like the heroes of Jack London participants will ski along the frozen lakes and white forests. The total duration: 11 days.

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